Friday, January 25, 2013

Are You Tired Of All Of The 3 Gushing Yet? No? Good.

I was cleaning off my computer's desktop today, and came across this.
Written by 3, last August, for a school assignment.
How have I never seen this before?  Sitting right on my desktop?
Everyone except 4 has turned a year older, and of course Baby B was still a Foster.
But I couldn't change a word.
I couldn't.

My name is Britain.  I am kind of tall, considering I’m only twelve.  I am five feet, two and a half inches.  I have dark brown hair and light blue eyes.  My skin is very white.  I’m the third oldest of five children in my family and we also have three foster kids for a total of eight children.  I’m the organized, clean person of the family, and I keep my things neat.  I enjoy volleyball, track, and music, and I am currently on the Payne Jr. High School volleyball team.

My mom is very special to me.  She’s always there when I need her and she is an excellent role model for me and my sisters.  My mom has light blue eyes, just like me, but has lighter brown hair.  My mom, along with all of my sisters, loves to travel.  We have recently been to New York City and our next trips will be San Francisco and Italy.  My mom has a great sense of interior design, it is one of her passions.  But what she loves even more is to stay home and take care of her eight children and her grandson.  My mom is amazing and teaches me to be better at everything I do.

Dad (talking about Hughes)
My dad is very loving.  He works hard and teaches me to work hard through his example.  My dad is five feet eleven inches tall, he has dark brown hair and golden brown eyes.  My dad is funny, and I love to wrestle with him.  My dad likes to joke a lot.  When ever I need help with anything, he is always there.

Jordan is my oldest sister, she is twenty-two.  She has dark blonde hair and blue/green eyes.  Jordan is sweet and funny and she gets along with all of us.  Jordan’s hobbies are basketball, and all sports in general.  She also likes cosmetology.  Jordan has a husband, Brendon, and a two year old son, Carver.  Jordan is the best oldest sister, and I couldn’t have asked for more.

Logan is my second oldest sister, she is eighteen years old.  She has very blonde hair and light blue eyes.  Logan is four feet, ten and a half inches tall, but she is strong and tough.  Logan was a level ten gymnast, she was very good and worked hard at what she loved.  Now Logan works as a gymnastics coach at Gold Medal Gymnastics and attends Arizona State University.

Ryan is my younger sister, she is ten years old.  Ryan has light brown hair and blue eyes.  Ryan has been a competitive cheerleader and a dancer.  Ryan enjoys violin, school, reading, and participating in WNN, her school news network.  Ryan is cute and funny.  Although she is sometimes annoying, I still love her.

Tommy is the youngest child in our family, and the only boy.  He is one and a half years old.  He has white-blond hair and brown eyes.  Tommy’s hobbies are biting people, playing outside, riding his bike, and pinching people.  He has made our family very happy and I love him.

Isabelle is my best friend ever!  She is like family, because I can tell her anything and I love her like a sister.  Me and Isabelle used to go to the same school and hang out a lot, but when I moved, it was hard because we now live so far away.  Isabelle has tan skin and light brown eyes and brown hair.  She is five feet, two inches tall, a whole half inch shorter than me.

Okay, it's me again.

Isn't that awesome?!
Something to know about 3 is, she is a quiet girl.
She doesn't let out her feelings about people, ever.
Which is frustrating if you are her Mother.
So...if you come across something like this, it's kind of like you hit the lottery.

Dear 3:

Don't ever change, EVER.
Stay quiet. Stay yourself.
Be the observer.
That's perfect, because that is who you are.
And who you are is stunning.


  1. Wow is that girl getting taller and I didn't think she could get any more beautiful,but she is.

  2. Dear Anonymous....Thank you! She is a truly beautiful girl, both inside and out....and she IS growing, but not fast enough for either her or her volleyball coach, trust me.


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