Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Louie In Pictures: Adoption Day and Sealing Day.

 December 27, 2012

 January 19, 2013

 Dear Baby B:
So there it is....your two biggest days so far, captured forever in pictures.

Oh, Baby B.
I wish you knew how those days felt!
I mean, I know you where there, and that you felt them.
I just hope you can always remember.
I hope you remember how the judge almost squealed when she read your name:
Louis Luck Hughes
And how she stopped her legal jargon and said "Oh my gosh I LOVE that name!
And she asked us what the Luck meant.
And I told her that it meant that your Dad had free reign on middle names.
And we laughed.

Louie, don't you worry.  I have always been ahead of the name curve.  I was
23 years ago, and I am now.  Retro names will come back.  But in the mean time, enjoy being
the only Louie in your class surrounded by Crew's and Cash's and Gage's and, well, you get the idea.
And you are welcome.

I hope you always remember that day in the Temple.
PLEASE remember that day.
You walked into the sealing room with Logan and Britain and Ryan and Tommy.
And you were in awe!
You looked and looked and looked, and took it all in, in your little serious way.

I know you knew.
Grandma felt it too.
You knew you had been in this place before, not so long ago.
Don't forget that feeling, let it propel you to get back there, on your own, in 17 years or so!

One last thing.  I've said it before and I will say it again.
I am your real mother.
You are my real son.
You know it.
I know it.
Heavenly Father knows it.
Don't ever forget it.

Love Forever,

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  1. I am devasated that I couldn't be there. It wasn't because I don't love Louie to death, because I do. It was because I had severe back pain and there just was no way I could have driven that far alone. With Aunt Bonnie's death and Jim's mom just getting home from the hospital and needing care I way over did it and ended up flat on my back. Healing slowly. In any case, please know that I love you so very much and am so delighted to have another beautiful grandson.

    With all my heart,


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