Friday, January 4, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch.

 The week before Christmas was so busy.
No matter how I tried to simplify, if you have nine kids (that's right)
and one grandson, life is busy.

But one day, when the girls and I were out and about, running, running, running, running.

I said. STOP.

Let's go to lunch.
Ladies go to lunch.
We should go to lunch.

So we did.

And we breathed.

And then we were back at it.
And did 4 actually have a rootbeer float for lunch?
She did.
It was December 23rd people.

And sometimes?

Sometimes kids just need to live a little....make a few memories, you know?

Dear 4:
I hope you always remember how shocked and excited you were 
when you asked me if you could have a rootbeer float for lunch
and I said yes.

It was awesome, and you deserved it.

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