Wednesday, February 20, 2013

For Daniel.

 Baby Daniel.
Born April 12, 2012
Given to me to love on April 15, 2012
Loved HARD by me every minute of every day that I had the honor of having him.
Returned to his ecstatic Mother last week.
And I'm ok.
I will be ok.
I will.
 Those are the facts of the case.
Now let me tell you the details.

Daniel was/is the baldest baby I have ever seen in real life.
Daniel's eyes turned true blue faster than any other baby's ever did.
Daniel has awesome ears.
Daniel has the sweetest temperament of any baby who has ever existed. That's the honest truth.
Daniel is an angel among us.
Daniel army-crawls like 5 miles an hour.  I'm serious.
Daniel started giving kisses when he was only six months old.

 When Daniel wakes up in the morning, he patiently waits for someone to notice.
Daniel hates green vegetables, but smiles at you when he is forced to eat them anyways.
Daniel never has gross poopy.  I'm not kidding.
Daniel can calm my heart with one smile.
Daniel's middle name is Ryan, and he was born the day before Ryan.
Daniel can get a rash in 1.4 seconds flat. Poor baby.

 Daniel is the quietest baby I have ever known.
Daniel does not appreciate shoes.
Daniel does appreciate dogs.  Big dogs.  The bigger the better.
Daniel loves being outside.
Daniel is very drooly.  Extra, extra, extra drooly.
Daniel always wins at the staring game.
Daniel has crawled out of more pairs of pants than any other baby, ever.
Daniel was everything I needed.
I hope I was everything Daniel needed.
It was a blessing and an unbelievable honor to be able to take care of Daniel.

I will love you forever.
But you already know that.
Because I whispered it to you in your
ear all day, every day.

You will do great things.
Please do great things.
I know you can!
And I will be watching.

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  1. Will you get to still see him? Boo Hoo. I can't stand it!


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