Monday, February 18, 2013

Oh, 4.

 One of the perks of spreading out the births of the first half of my kids,
is that I usually only have one kid in high school at a time.  
Or elementary or junior high for that matter.

At the moment, 4 is my only grade-schooler.
Hence, she is the only child I have who needed to make Valentines for school.

I was pretty excited.
I mean, one word:

I was going to be all over it!

But 4 had another plan.
Her own.

She has recently (as in the last 4-5 months) read the entire Harry Potter series.
She had seen the movies, but now she has read the books.
So she was determined to do her Valentines Harry style.

And she did.
All by herself.
And personalized each one,
and I wasn't expecting that.

And I died from the preciousness of it.

Some of my favorites:
 To Ben: With the best hair on earth.
 To Dakota: The Quiet one (in a good way)
To Sirena: The most beautiful person I know
 To Juan: Who is one pretty awesome person
To Alex: The king of awesomness
To Halle: Your my Golden Friend
To Jonathan: The "Soccer star" in the class

Oh, and they are snitches.
But I'm sure you could totally guess that.

Dear 4:
Just when I think you couldn't get
any more precious.
You do.
Love you SO much.

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  1. Now that is a great Valentine's Day gift! What a creative baby girl you have there!


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