Friday, February 1, 2013

Sundays Nowdays.

 First of all, Church.
Something miraculous happened to us.
Our Church time changed from 2pm to 5pm.
People. 2pm to 5pm.
To 8am to 11am. On January 1st.
Our very favorite church time.
And the world is right again.
 Second of all, when we come home after being Spiritually stuffed....
(our Bishop/ward is awesome!  Sacrament meeting ALWAYS delivers)
(plus, then Hughes and I team-teach 6 year olds!)
(How in the world could it get any better than that!)
We have the entire, lazy, beautiful, family day stretched out before us.
And we spend it together.
Outside, inside.
Doesn't matter.
It's always spectacular.
 Third of all, this happens alot.
Our neighbors are members of our Ward.
They have triplets exactly in the middle of 3 and 4.
Makes for some pretty awesome neighborhood time.
And this is 3 and 4 and one of the triples, plotting out the week probably.
They tend to meet at the fence most Sundays.
 Fourth of all....our animals are thriving.
And the fun of having farm animals is not wearing off of 3.
And that is the best thing of all.
 Fifth of all....our yard is big enough to scooter in.
And if said scooter is a 1.00 find from Goodwill that you paid for yourself
and then brought home and immediately spray painted dark teal, all the better.
All the better.
 Sixth of that we have a human-like church time,
I have made a resolution to have friends and family over at least
once a month to share our Sunday Dinner.
Call it service, call it fellow shipping, call it whatever.
It's what life is all about.
 Seventh of all...I know I didn't circle out Baby B's twin.
He's super blurry so his identity is super safe.
If you can pick him up out of a line up later maybe you should
go work for the FBI or something. Sheesh.

Eighth of all.....remember my friend N and Twins A and B?
Love them.
Love. Them. Forever.
True friendship is when you haven't hung out in a while, but within 2 seconds
of getting back together it's like you have been together every day.
That's N and me.
Ninth of all....N and I are married to (country boy) guys who grew up in small
Utah-type Arizona towns about 20 minutes apart.
Up in the hills.
It was like a High School Reunion up in there.
And you know it's a good family friendship when
even the Husband's conversations never slow.
That's when you know it's a success.

Dear Sunday:
You are, and will always remain, 
my favorite day of the week.
I am so thrilled you come around every
7 days.  You are exactly what we
need to gear up for another week, every time.
Love Forever,

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