Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's Coming.

It's coming.
That time in my life that I never thought I wanted.

These 3 little boys are going to grow up more.
And then they will run in the house.
Pee all over the toilet.
Throw balls at the walls.
Wrestle on the couch.
You know, the boy stuff.

I never thought I wanted to do it.
Give me a moody, temperamental girl any day over a rough, rowdy boy, is what I always said.

And here I am, doing it.
And now I get it....the boy thing.
I get it.

Honestly, there is nothing more fun to watch than these three little boys
playing together.....the twins trying to keep up with A....
running crazy around The Farm.

It's awesome.

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  1. I can't wait until C and Little Miss will be ours forever. You are AWESOME and so is Hughes! I love you sis.



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