Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend. Check.

Very busy around here.
Saturday is Hughes' biggest work I'm usually flying solo.

This Saturday looked like this:

Took pictures of 4 and me for a report she is doing in which I am, apparently, the subject.
Took a bunch of pictures of a school project for 3, picked up said pictures at Walgreens at 9:50 p.m.  

Took an extra picture of 4 just because she wasn't crying and the camera was out.
You are welcome.

 Went on a late dinner then grocery shopping date with Hughes.
Went to Sushiya for Sushi.
Always awesome.

This is where I need to be honest and tell you that I don't eat real sushi.
I mean, please.
And gross.

Hughes?  Yeah.
He eats real sushi.  I'm talking sashimi people.
Below is his appetizer....raw oysters.
I know.
Good thing he is so incredibly dashing...or that might have been a deal-breaker.
But I LOVE Japanese food....and omg look at my Pork Katsu (crazy good), sticky rice (my favorite food, hands down), salad, and a shrimp tempura roll (my go-to fake delicious, and all cooked!!)

Sushiya.  Go there.  Stat.
 Volleyball tournament from 2 pm to 8 pm.
3 did so great at this tournament.
Holy crap she did good.
Did not miss one serve.  NOT ONE!
And she serves alot.
Sorry for the file photo...I will break out the camera next time...
 We also did Saturday work, played in the yard, and 4 had tennis from 3-4 p.m, where she informed me that she worked on serving and soon would be good enough to play in tournaments.

Meaning some weekends we will have volleyball tournaments AND tennis tournaments.
How cool is that?

And the rest of the time?
I marveled in the awesomeness that is
being a new mother A and Baby B.
 I know I'm too old.
I knew it when I married Hughes and knew we would have babies together.
And I don't care!
I look good, I feel good, and I AM good.

And I can do this!
I love doing this.

I couldn't feel luckier.
Because I couldn't be luckier.
Dear Children:
I know it's because you are all
so awesome and it is so rewarding 
being with you that I'm still so
excited about parenting at 23 years in.
It's all you guys.
All of it.
Love you so much!

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