Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Am I Really Doing This?

No one could have ever prepared me for
how delicious little boys in the bathtub are.

No one could have.

They just splash around, pour water on each other,
go underwater, kick their feet, gather bubbles...

Kind of like little girls do in the tub.

Except with boys, it's like an extreme sport.
Holy Cow they are rough with each other!

But apparently, they don't even notice.....
Or get their feelings hurt.
Or mess up their hair.
Or get hurt from getting kicked.

It's insane to me.

And if I'm going to do it all again....and I am,
thank goodness it is with insensitive boys.

My brain is still raising two (sometimes 3) sensitive,
emotional girls.

My brain is at it's emotional capacity.
Like you didn't know that already.

I have already informed Hughes that with Little Miss....
he is giving the TALK, and probably buying the tampons.

My brain will be long retired by then.

Except for the boys.....all they need is to get fed and 
for me to help them not kill themselves.

It's awesome.

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