Friday, March 8, 2013


 So Hughes came home the other day with a Duck.

I mean, why wouldn't he?

I have to admit, he is very scrumptious.
Hughes calls him DW.
(you know, from Dark Wing Duck, the cartoon superhero)
3 and 4 call him Donald.
But we all know his name is Fluffy.
So Hughes came home the other day with a Trampoline.

Every child we have almost had a nervous breakdown.
From excitement.

We haven't had a trampoline in years.

And see that zipper part?
Nowdays, apparently they make it so you can lock the Toddlers in, and they can't get out.

Not that anyone would ever think of doing such a thing.

Dear Hughes:
If you aren't Dad of the year,
I don't know who is.

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