Friday, March 29, 2013

The Geezer.

Oh Hughes.

Do you even remember this picture?

This is the picture I took of you at that Diamondbacks game we went too,
when we first started dating.

You didn't know about my profile obsession back then.
You probably didn't even know I took this picture.

This picture takes me back to the giddy, over-the-moon,
so exciting, new love days.

It was my screensaver for like a year.

I would show it to people and they would die that you are so hot.

And then I would die because I couldn't believe that we were dating.
Because you are younger than me and it was so scandalous.

Isn't it funny that our age difference was SO scandalous?
We don't even notice it now, and neither does anyone else.
(Dear Sunscreen: THANK YOU! -M)

And the funny thing is, if people even know who was the
real old geezer in our relationship, they would die.

Because it is you.

And I love that about you.
Every family needs an old geezer.
Even if your schedule gets on my nerves.
I wouldn't change anything about you.

I love you.

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