Monday, March 18, 2013

We Went To Dallas. For A Choir Concert.

 So we packed up and went to Dallas.
For a choir concert.
I know, I know, most people wouldn't drive across town for a choir concert.

You would for this one.
Trust me.

The Mormon Choral Organization was invited to perform at the
American Choral Directors Association Conference.

Which is a very big deal.

They performed to standing ovations
(after every song!!!!)
from the top conductors in the nation.

Our little choir and orchestra full of Mormons.

They also performed a concert for a community in Allen, Texas
the night before.  To standing ovations, and open-mouthed
amazement from the crowd.  

I watched.

This choir deal is the best thing we have ever done.

3 got to perform, but 4 did not.
They are in different choir's.

I love this choir.
So much.

It's Awesome.

 Highlights from Dallas:
A full day at Six Flags Over Texas
Standing in lines, spending so much time together

 A NICE hotel room....lots of swimming....lots of togetherness.

 Happening across the largest HIGH SCHOOL (that's right) football stadium
in the country.  We were in Texas, after all.  Can you see 4 standing on the steps?
Just to give you an idea of how huge it was?

 Plenty of Child slave labor
 Awesome, awesome, AWESOME performances.

 A trip to the Dallas Aquarium.
Best aquarium I have ever been too, hands down.
It had a Shark Hall!!!
 Googling "free fun things to do in downtown Dallas"
and finding out about their trolley system.
Authentic World War II trolleys that they rescued from
Australia, and brought over to run in their Downtown.
 We rode them all over Downtown our last night there.
It was beautiful weather....and Dallas is a very pretty city.

It was also fun when a drunk bar-hopper stumbled over to 3 and
asked her if she happened to have a cigarette.
And then I had to scare him off.

And at the very end of our last night, while riding the trolley,
stumbling across the most perfect, beautiful park in the center of the city...
with a fancy playground, live music, and pretty little tables and chairs.
We ate food from the fancy food trucks.
(not kidding, they were totally fancy)
And then hopped back on the trolley to take us home.

It was the perfect trip.
Life is so good.

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