Friday, April 5, 2013

Fingers Crossed That My Brain Isn't Dead.

On My Schedule Yesterday:

Drop 4 off for her piano lesson
Go back home to collect 3
Drop 3 off for her piano lesson
(piano lessons are before school....thank goodness)
Collect 4 and drop her off at her school
Go back to the piano teacher's house, collect 3
Drop 3 off at her school
Return home
 Start A's, the Twins, and Sweet Baby's Laundry
(that's at least 28 outfits, every week)
(plus their bedding)
Scrub the Living Room Baseboards
(I do a deep cleaning item twice a week year round so I never have to spring clean)
Get the car washed
Get A Pedicure
(it was rough)
Take 2 to work
(of course she has her own car but she was flying out today and she didn't want to leave her car at her work)
Pickup up 4 from school
Take 4 to EVMCO (choir)
Come back 15ish miles and pick up 3 and her carpool for EVMCO
Pick up 3 at EVMCO
Pick up 4 at EVMCO
(at different times)
(this year they are in different choirs, next year, for one year, they will be the same!!)
Drop 3 off at Volleyball
Go pick up 2 at work and drop her at the Airport, she is going to Utah for Conference
(I make it sound like the Airport (and her work for that matter) are just around the corner from everything)
(It isn't.)
Go back and pickup 3 from Volleyball.
Go buy Coke Zero.  Because we are out, which is unacceptable.
Drive home.
Finish scheduled laundry
(every day has scheduled laundry)
(so much laundry)
Sit on couch.
Stumble to bed.

People. This is in addition to taking care of  a 4 year old, 2 year old, 2 one year olds, and a 3 month old.

Lucky for me, Hughes was home a lot yesterday, so I didn't do it alone.
And honestly, it's not as exhausting as it sounds.

It's just the logistics.


Thank you.

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