Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weekend Perfection.

 First of all, General Conference.
It was excellent.
It was even better because I got to watch Saturday live...
that doesn't happen all the time for me.
I loved it.
So did A.  He is a professional arm folder.
He also prays, alot.
Not sure if I should be proud or nervous about that.....
 As previously mentioned, 2 flew in to SLC to 
attend conference with her boyfriend and his family.
She had an awesome weekend.
She is very pretty.
She is home now, but not for long.
 After Saturday conference, it was time for 4's tennis lesson.
She recently was moved from beginner to advanced beginner....
It was all very exciting.

And pretty hilarious when we showed up for her first class and
There were some ladies, a couple teenagers, and her.
Oh and the little boy in the yellow shirt.

They were the only two little kids.
Seriously funny.

She is not sure if she should be proud or mortally offended.

She will let you know when she decides.

 So we have this cat, her name is MJ.
Hughes and I had several very serious discussions about having her fixed.

Just so you know, cats get pregnant while you are discussing getting them fixed.
And now we are the proud family of 5 little kitties.

They are super cute.

Also, MJ's fixing appointment is already scheduled.
 And our final note today:

4 would like everyone to know, all you naysayers, that her hair IS, in fact,
long enough to rock a sock bun.

Please note that for the record.

Thank you.

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