Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Little Old Lady

(please excuse 4's scandalous leg shot.  I personally think her CTR ring kind of balances it out.)


4 and I were driving down Market Street together
a few days ago.
When she suddenly turned to me and said, in a serious tone:

"Mom.  I need to tell you something."

I thought she was going to tell me something like she is getting a B in Math
or she got in trouble at know, something a normal 10-year-old would 
be about to say with such a serious look on her face.

She continued:

"I'm like an 85 year old lady.
I don't like loud noise.
I have a hard time remembering things.
And I have bad hips."

That really happened.

Now, let's discuss:

First of all, if you are 85 and not suffering from any of these things, my apologies for the stereotypes.

Second of all, 4 can remember half promises I made 5 years ago while she was half asleep.

Third of all, she plays keyboard in a band.
(with 4 of her fellow 5th graders, they practice every week and are surprisingly legit.  It's awesome.)

And Fourth of all, bad hips?  No.  Just no.

Dear 4:
Sometimes, when I look at you,
I honestly, truly feel like my
heart is going to explode
because I love you so much.

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