Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Teeny Little Girl.


We all know April 13th happened again.
We all know I technically lived through it.

We all know all she wanted was a Texas Sheet Cake.
We all know she got one.
 We all know she is still super small for her age.

But she is getting bigger.
Slowly but surely.

We all know that she has been begging for a hamster for like 7 years.

And honestly.  Didn't we all know that I would eventually give in?
She so has me.
She has always had me.
Dear 4:
Happy Birthday!
I'm so relieved that you turned 11.
When you turn 12 I will seriously die.

But please ignore my histrionics and just be happy!
Always be happy.

I love you so much....

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