Thursday, April 18, 2013


 Club Volleyball season is drawing to an end.

I'm so sad!

There is nothing better than watching your kid do sports,
and your kid is top 1 or 2 on the team.

If people say that isn't the best, they are lying.

 Our team has been on an awesome winning streak!!!
In the last two tournaments, 2nd place and 1st place respectively.

That is not easy to do you guys.

Plus, we play in a fourteens division.
The players on our team are 13, 12, 11, and 10!

Number 5 is 10 years old!  And she starts!
Some kids just have it.
 Anyways....this season has been ridiculously good.
3 is playing better than ever, she is a team leader,  she is SO GOOD.

Oh my gosh she is good.

When she started playing volleyball just over two years ago...I hoped so hard
she would be good enough to get some playing time.

I honestly did not see this coming, this total domination.

Holy crap she is good.

Until next season, club volleyball.
I already can't wait.

Dear 3:
Okay, okay.
I'm kind of sorry that I get so into your games
that your team actually cracks up
with you because I'm being so demonstrative.

I'm sorry for publicly grounding you when you missed 
that one ball that dropped right in front of you, I am.

But I'm not sorry for doing the jump hug with
Kinsey's mom (pictured above with food in her mouth...oopsie)
when you guys brought home the championship last weekend.

I will never be sorry for the jump hug.

I'm so proud of you.

You show up with your pretty hair and your pretty face
complete with full makeup....and they don't even see you coming.

Until you serve it down their throat!

That is my favorite.

Love you so much,

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