Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Things That Make Me Happy Today.

 In no particular order:
The boys on irrigation day.  If there is a giant goose to run around with, all the better.

Having my fingernails and toenails match.  So easy, and so much simpler than losing weight.  
Who needs that kind of stress?

Two words: Nap. Time.
 Little Baby Bob.  Only four months old, and every time he sleeps he ends up in some variation of this.
And I giggle every time.


When we get in the car and 3 and 4 instantly blast on all of my 80s music.
And they know every word.
And they sing loud.

The kind heart of Twin B.  He sits on the floor with Bob often, talking to him and patting him and giving him toys.  He is the kindest hearted kid in the house.  Don't tell the others.

Cheese-its.  I'm kind of addicted.
I kind of eat them for lunch most days.

and last but certainly not least:

Wheel of Fortune. 
I love watching it when dinner is done, homework is done, kids are running in and out and playing in the twilight, and all is good in the world.  For some reason, Wheel of Fortune on the TV in the evening reminds me that life is simple and the World is good.

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