Thursday, April 25, 2013



3 and 4's fancy choir....
It's amazing to me that all these people get SO excited to 
go to choir every Thursday and sing religious and classical music.

I mean, I get the grown-ups.

But the KIDS.  Especially the Teenagers.

They LOVE it.

Classical Music instruction in Gilbert?
Sign us up.
(We have been signed up for two years)


I saw this video clip on YouTube of the performance last week.
Someone else's mom took it, but my girls are in it.. and so it's fair game!

In the beginning of the clip, 4 is on the far right of the screen smack in the middle.
When the video swings to the right, 3 is on the top row on the left of the screen.
Her head kind of goes in and out, because you know, a different mom was filming her kid.

But it's an awesome example of what they are doing every week.

Please listen!

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