Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Perfect Bash

So, around last August, 4 started planning her 11th birthday party.
For April 13th.

For reals.

Anyways, I told her the only way she could have a party is if it was VERY small and VERY easy.

She said fine.  As long as it was VERY cool.

We totally nailed it.

4 guests only.
Presents at our house.
Photo scavenger hunt at San Tan Mall.
Amazing cupcakes at Caketini.
And a trinket each of their own choosing from Forever21 in lieu of gift bags.

Apparently it was the party of the universe.

And apparently I am getting smarter in my old age, because it was 
quick, cheap, easy, and had zero cleanup.

And I plan to get even smarter next year when Miss has her first friends party......stay tuned.

Dear 4:
I'm so glad you liked it.
I'm so glad your friends liked it.
It was a great night!

Love you so much,

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