Friday, May 3, 2013

Views From A Junior High Track Meet.

 So....Junior High track and field.
I love it.

Hughes was too.

I don't know, there is just something about Junior High and High School track.
I love to watch it.
Sue me.
 Anyways, it is always interesting to see how your kid will
do when they go up a level.  You know, she was the fastest kid
in her school last year, but now there are so many more kids to compete with.

Is she the fastest this year?

But she is good enough to make 3 events every week, and with a 75-100 girls
trying out for events and only 6 competing per event, I'm calling that a win.
 And man does she compete!

She is SO competitive.
It's seriously fun to watch, just ask A and The Twins.
They should know, they get dragged to every. single. meet.

 3 would like it noted for the record that she is aware that
she looks like an absolute nerd with her shorts pulled up
to her armpits like this.

She would like you to know she doesn't care.

If they are lower, they itch.
And if the boys can't see how ridiculously pretty she is with her shorts pulled
up to her armpits, then it is their loss.

(unfortunately, it has been noted that the boys do, in fact, see how pretty she is)
3's tally for this meet:

100 meter dash: 2nd
4X400 meter relay: 2nd
4X100 meter relay: FIRST PLACE

That's right.

Dear 3:
Imagine the things you are 
going to accomplish in your life!
I'm so excited to see...

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  1. She's beautiful inside and out and it shows no matter what she's doing!


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