Friday, May 17, 2013

Baby Bob and Teenager Snow White.

 My little baby Bob.
Oh my gosh he is so precious.

They are all precious, don't get me wrong...
but there is something about this kid.

Hughes and I both feel it.
He came to us under such strange circumstances...
He looks like a little baby Hughes,
and he has two cowlicks.

Not that that has anything to do with anything.
 But whatever it is....whatever happens with this thing is certain.

We fell faster, harder, and further than we ever have with any other baby.
Think about it.
That's a crazy statement to make.
And it's true.

Please pray for little Baby Bob.  
All we want is what is best for him!
So please pray, thank you.

And in other news...if you ever wondered what Snow White
would look like as a teenager, wonder no more.

Because she lives with me, and she looks like this:
And what makes her stand out besides having almost black hair,
light blue eyes, and naturally rosy lips?

She is so pale she is almost see through.
Not even kidding.

It's how I spot her at her athletic events among the other dark-haired girls.
So all in all, it's pretty handy.

Happy Weekend!

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