Monday, May 20, 2013

Top Eight Weekend Events.

 Got a text with this little 2 and her J the 2nd.  Together, in Provo.  
(same age cousins, is there anything better?)
(J the 2nd was just visiting 2, she has another year of college here before she can move.)

Spent 42 minutes on the phone with AT & T.  Don't they realize that I can never get that time back and I could have been doing something way funner like cleaning goose poop off the back porch?

Made an appointment with the vet to get our cat MJ spayed.  It was kind of exciting.  But not as exciting as it would have been had I done it six months and five kittens ago.  
 Spent lots of time outside with the triplets.  The triplets insist on wearing only a diaper all weekend, except for the 3 hours of church.  Diaper wearing weekends pretty much make their lives complete.

Signed 3 up for volleyball camps at Perry (her future high school) and Basha (her future nemesis).
There are no such thing as too many volleyball camps.

Procured 200.00 worth of sleeping bags and sleeping cots for future girls camps and scout camps.  Is the universe trying to kill me?  200.00 on CAMPING SUPPLIES? Gross.
Giggled at Baby Bob like 34 times.  Mostly checking on him while he was napping and seeing him in some variation of this position, with body parts hanging out of the crib, EVERY TIME.  Hilarious.

And the highlight?  We finally hatched a baby chick the natural way.  Well, we didn't so much hatch it as it's mother did.  But it came out all black and fuzzy and adorable.

It was a (mostly) good weekend.

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