Friday, May 24, 2013

Olive's Bad Week.

There are three reasons that Olive isn't smiling in this picture.

1. She recently walked by a mirror and realized how many gray hairs she has on her face.  
She was not amused.

2. She was unbelievably mortified yesterday when she went for her daily dip in the irrigation ditch and had a hard time getting out and had to be unceremoniously rescued by a county worker.
So embarrassing.

And to top it all off:

3.  She found out today that she has been charged with babysitting (AGAIN) the less than Einstein-like Nestle and Patrick's jealous sister Philly for TEN DAYS.  And don't get her started on how ridiculous Patrick is when Philly is around.  She almost can't abide it.

So yeah, smiling is a stretch today.

Dear Olive:
You are the best
animal that has ever
happened to our family...
We love you no matter
how embarrassing your life is.



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