Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Recovering From May.

 So I have been curled up in a fetal position
in my closet with the door locked for like
ten days trying to recover from May.

That's actually only half true.

I'm just glad I survived.
 And remember last May?  When we decided that moving right at the end
of May was a super good idea?

Seriously.  What is wrong with us?

Anyways, when we found the Farm and the Farmhouse, we were in the market to buy
a new home.  And then we found the Farm and it wasn't for sale, it was for rent.
And the owner said he fully intended to sell the house, his wife just needed a little
time to mentally say goodbye because she had raised her family here.

So we crossed our fingers that we would be able to buy the house and we moved in.

So this May?  On top of the horridness that is May?

We bought the Farmhouse.
Because heaven knows we needed more to do in May.

But isn't that awesome?
We bought the Farm!!
And that is a good thing!!

 Also, 3 and I decided to do a few decor upgrades, ala our creation above.
Also, now that I own the Farmhouse get ready to say adios to all the beige.

So. Much. Beige.

We are not beige kind of people.

In other news, I sent 3 off to girls camp this morning....
This was her very last Instagram before leaving WITHOUT. HER. PHONE.

Such torture.

She will live.
If I lived through buying a house in May, she can live without her phone for a week.

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