Monday, May 13, 2013

Highlights of My Weekend/Mother's Day

Okay, so the day started out pretty good....
and you might assume from this instagram post that 3 is nothing
but butterflies and popsicles.

Never assume.

She is spectacular, don't get me wrong.  She is
also the biggest tease here.  Shocked?  You wouldn't be if you lived here for
more than 5 seconds.
 Proof that my shocking statement above is true.
Because why wouldn't she record herself stealing 4's phone?
So she could enjoy it over and over and over again?
And every time she was enjoying it, she could laugh
hysterically when 4 said: "BRITAIN! WE. JUST. ATE.
This one is just mean.  I mean, it wasn't necessarily for Mother's Day, per se.
But it was mean.
She knows I don't always read the captions.
Not cool, 2

And little girl.
This just seems to sum up Motherhood for me so far.
This could be any one of my really could.

But today it's her.
And she is the best!

Dear Kids:
2013's Mother's Day is
going down as another 
victory!  Dinner was awesome,
even if I made it myself....but the
presents and cake you guys made me were
the absolute best.  

I could never live with out you.
Without any one of you.
Love you so much!

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