Tuesday, May 7, 2013

She Got In Her Car And She Left Me.

 She got in her car and she drove away.


And I will be this melodramatic all I want.
I am allowed.

And it doesn't get any easier when your second kid leaves.
It's equally horrible.

Even though it is past time for her to go, to be on her own, to live her life.
And I am so proud of her!

She moved to Provo, Utah.
She will be attending BYU.

And she will live in UTAH.
(double bleh.)
And pretty much it is his fault.
So I smacked him a few times, but then I hugged him.
Because I love him too.
(he has been around a while...and I suspect he will be around awhile more)

He is a good boy and she is a good girl...and she was so lonely a
state away from him so she changed schools and she moved.

And I will live. I will.
And I am so proud of her!  Did I say that already?

And through my heartbreak and tears and my 5 minute long hug before she drove off,
she thanked me for preparing her for this.  For expecting a lot out of her so that she isn't
worried about anything.  In fact, she had already procured an apartment and a job before
the move, all on her own.  And she had her car checked and knows how to change a tire
and is establishing credit and knows how to take care of herself.  And she thanked me.

And every single minute of being her Mom, even the hard parts, were worth it a thousand times
over just because of that single conversation.

It really was.

Dear 2:
Don't ever forget who you are.
You are ready for this, I promise!
Soak up every second of college life
on the BYU campus....make friends, make memories.
Don't worry about us, we are fine.
You live your life.....and live it out loud!
Love Forever,

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