Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How We Roll.

 So Summer has definitely been rolling along....
I'm not going to go on and on about how busy it has been.
Because everyone is busy right?
Even though they may not have 8 kids at home.

But I am pretty sure I am busier than you are.
Almost positive.
 One day, and I'm not sure how....3 and 4 and I were able to sneak away for a quick Panda lunch.

It was fun.

 4 got to feeling super sorry for herself when 3 went to Girls Camp.
So she conned me into a date to Olive Garden and the Mall.
Even though it totally wasn't her turn.
She really didn't have to con that hard....I'm always down for the mall.

And it's always good to reconnect with 4, so that she can remind me
how much more I love her than anyone else.

She's a pretty good reminder.

 Let's see....what else....



Lots and lots of water.
We hit the pool once a week...and the splash pad
at least once a week.

We are super cool like that.

 The twins would like you to know that they are not
happy with being taken away from the splash pad
to pose for a stupid picture.

Thank you.
 Miss has my favorite swimsuit of the season.
Coral, white polka dots.....perfection.
My little Twin B....we got some EXCITING news everyone!
(and trust me, it is exciting....his prospects with his birth parents are dismal)

He is going to be available for adoption soon!!!!
Tommy and Louie will have a brother!

You know I will show his handsome face and reveal 
his name as soon as the deal is done.

And don't worry....the name is retro and awesome.
Summer dentist appointments....always fun.

Well, kind of fun.

If you are 3 and 4, they are kind of tense...because you have been
threatened with a butt whooping if you have cavities
caused by lack of brushing and flossing.


Lucky for 4, she was cavity free.

3 goes on Thursday....everyone send good wishes her way.
She will probably need them.

Dear Summer:
Stay Awesome!

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