Thursday, June 13, 2013

Leaving Mesa High.

 Ready for Melodrama?
Here you go:

When we were contemplating our move last major thing kept haunting me.

Leaving Mesa High School.

It had been good to us.  Very good.
I had graduated from there, along with every sibling and cousin I had.
My 1 and 2 were Jackrabbits.
Purple and Gold had infiltrated our family, our neighborhood, and our hearts.
We were true blue.

So as silly as it sounds, it was hard to leave that school.
And I know, it is OLD as dirt.
It is inner-city.
It wasn't shiny or new or in a prominent neighborhood.

But it was still our school.
And we loved it.
And we were loyal.

So yeah, leaving was hard.
 And although we have been here a year, 3 is still in Junior High.
And although our new high school, Perry High school, is literally up the street,
we haven't had that much to do with her.

Until this week.

This week, 3's volleyball camp started.
And she is officially a member of the Puma nation.
 And as I walked into the Athletic Facility....not just the gym 
(Mesa High definitely just had a gym)
(this place is crazy nice and new and fancy)
to collect 3 yesterday...
I felt myself getting excited!

The colors are awesome!
The mascot is awesome!
The kids are awesome!

And I decided that Perry will be awesome, just like that.
 And we are SO excited to be here.....
And 3 and 4 are SO excited to be Pumas.

And so will all the rest of the excited I mean.

And so will I.
And Pumas we will be.
Dear Mesa High School:

I will never forget you.
You treated us well.

You have been bringing neighborhoods
and families together for 120 plus years now,
and you  are still going strong.

And even though we moved to a brand spanking
new 5 year old school,
we will never forget what you stand for.

And we will root for you still.

Carry On!

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