Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our Weekend In The Trees.

 The White Mountains were calling...
and we answered.  And we said, "Yes, thank you.  We will visit."
 For 2 solid days we were surrounded by countless family members....
They ran and screamed and played for 2 days straight.

I seriously never even saw them.  It was that good.
 A couldn't get enough of this wagon.
I'm pretty sure he would live in it if we had left him there.
 4 ran around and bossed the other kids and organized games and competitions.
She did her thing.
 A and J lived it up together.
LOVE same aged cousins.
So many years of awesomeness to look forward too!

 B was in his element....flirting, laughing, running from person to person to let
them observe his awesomeness.
 And did I say there were water balloons?
Of course there were...
2 days worth.
Dear Taylor, Arizona:
The weekend was good.
So good.
85 degree June weather?  Sign us up!

We will be back.
We will always be back.


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