Monday, July 22, 2013

First Day Of School Trendy? Check.

Trendy Alert:
Neon (twice!)
2 Chunky Necklaces
Dockers With A Twist
Shades of Blue

Awesome Alert:
4's Pose
3's Total Irritation
3 is in 8th grade!  Next year High School!!
4's Mascara

(side story:  4 has been totally opposed to make-up.  She started 6th grade today.  I told her that she WOULD wear make-up starting in 7th grade, because we aren't running no Little House on the Prairie here.  She cried, and begged, and said "NO! I hate make-up!  I'm not wearing it!!  Then 3 said,  "Just try it, I will help you, you can have my gold eyeshadow."  4 reluctantly agreed.  4 figured out how to wear it.  That was a week ago, and she wears it all the time.  Even in her sleep.  Crisis adverted.)
(And yes.  I approve.  It's mascara people.)

Dear Chandler Unified School District:
I thought I would hate this year-round school schedule.


We had no idea that when we stumbled upon The Farm, in Gilbert,
that our kids would be attending school in your District.
Because you are the best District, everyone knows it.

And I love you.
And here's to another great year!


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