Tuesday, July 23, 2013


This is what it looks like when the little Angels
have had their lunch, but it's not time yet for
their nap.  Because if we put them down too early for their nap,
then they wake up too early, then the hour before bedtime is
HECK.  (I seriously don't want to talk about it.)  And if it
is HECK and we put them to bed too early then they
wake up too early in the morning and then the hour before naptime is HECK.

You get my drift, right?

And can I just say that I used to be all superior and I never really
kept a schedule for my toddlers and I thought I had
toddler raising all figured out?

Yeah.  That was when my toddlers came 4 and 6 years apart.

Life is different now.
Much, much different.

So yes.  We are totally on a schedule.
I'm not ashamed.

And this is what it looks like trying to keep them awake that last 30 minutes,even though they are trying so hard to just sleep, so our lives can try to be normal.

Like our lives are ever normal.

I so totally wish you could see the pouty glare on Miss's face.

It's awesome.

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