Monday, July 29, 2013

Why 3 Rides The Bus With The Rest of The Poor Neglected Kids.

 Oh my gosh.
There is almost nothing worse than on those rare
days that I have to pick 3 up from Junior High because
of a Doctor appointment, or such.

Like last Wednesday.

Above you have the shot in front of me.
 And here you have the next shot.....
And the next shot.....

People.  3 doesn't get in my car until I get to the corner of the building
farthest to the left.  This is madness!! 
But then she gets into my car and I am super distracted because
she bedazzles me with her awesomeness.

But then I have to wait 23 minutes to get back on Higley and I am ticked again.


Dear Parents of Payne Junior High School:

Please consider letting your precious
little angels ride the good-old
public school bus every now and again.

It will build character!
The germs will build their immune systems!
They might make a friend!

Because then, those of us who have to pick
up our kid to take her to the doctor
doesn't have to live through this madness.

Seriously, consider it.
Your perfect angel will live.
And the chances of him getting beat up
are not as high as you may think.


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