Friday, July 12, 2013

Hey, Mom!

Dear A:

Oh A, NOTHING in this world
could have ever possibly prepared
me for having you.


The boy I thought I never wanted.
And now even the thought of not having
you makes my heart drop into my
stomach like I am about to die.
 There aren't words to explain how much I love you.
How much you have changed my life!
Sometimes, If I think about it too much, 
it so overwhelms me that I almost have
to put my head down and breath into a paper bag.

Alarming, I know.

But that is how intense my feelings are, my love is.
You, with your giant brown eyes....after four blue-eyed girls, those
brown eyes are honestly the delight of my life!

(Girls:  Mommy loves you, really.)

Always be strong, A.
Always be good.
Be a leader, a strong big brother.
And never change.
Not for anything.

I love every single thing about you.
Every movement, every word, every kiss, every phase.

Even the one you are in right now, when
you yell at me, "Hey, Mom!"
LITERALLY every 20 seconds, every waking moment.
Not exaggerating.
Don't change even that.

I will love you forever,

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