Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Just Do It.

I will prepare to enter the Temple
and remain pure and Worthy.
My thoughts and actions
will be based on
high moral standards.
Proverbs 31:10

Dear Little Girls:
How often do we talk about
making it to the temple?
Does it seem like every day?
I hope so!
I can't tell you how important of 
a goal it is.
Nothing is more important!

2 is about to make it!
In September, she will enter
and make covenants and then 
be sealed for eternity to the
one she loves.

Nothing is more important.
Did I say that already?

And guess what?
She didn't do anything crazy to make it!
She just did what her parents and
Church leaders asked of her.

It was easy!! It was fun!!

And I'm so proud of her.
And I'm so proud of you!

And one day, this will be each of you.

And it will be awesome!


Dear 2:
I knew you would do it.
And you did it.
Thank you for being that girl...
even when your life wasn't
a picture perfect fairy tale...
you knew that wasn't a reason
to change your goals.
Nothing could make you waver!

I'm so proud of you.
We all are.


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