Thursday, October 10, 2013


3 is switching to a bigger, more competitive volleyball club.
Which is awesome!
Except when they make you change your entire service motion.
Hence the private serve lessons.
Easier now than in high school, 3.
Thank goodness for quality coaching!

 Even when you are losing your mind you can still make trips to Hobby Lobby.
I mean, it's not the Apocalypse or something.
 Even though Hughes has only been 2's dad for six years, these two have always
had a daddy-daughter relationship.
They both understand eternal perspectives.

And that is exactly what 2 has always wanted and needed.
An awesome Dad.
And now she has it.

And this is where you can always find her when she is in town.
For the first few minutes anyways.

Took a gigantic haul to D.I.
And luckily left with less than we took.
And they both wore the shoes out they went with.
I have no idea what this pose is about.

So I know this looks like a beatdown.
And any other day it totally could have been.

But this is 4 being sweet to A after he had a crash.
4 is an awesome big sister.
That is something she thought she would never get the chance to be.

So to summarize.
Life did crawl along in September.
Just barely.

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