Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Miss Incredible Turns 20.

 Dear Miss 2,
I usually write you long, meaningful letters on your birthday.

This time?

I'm totally going to do the same thing.
You will be happy to have all of these long meaningful letters when I'm gone.
 2, Your October 8th birthday was no accident, or surprise.
You were planned for and wanted and hoped for and
you arrived exactly when you were supposed too.

Well, 4 days late but I'm not mad about that anymore.

But no baby ever born was more planned for or wanted than you!

And you came, and you were perfect. 
 You were so amazing, and your sister was so amazing, that I declared
my family complete at two girls.

That really happened.

We all know I changed my mind later to the tune of 8 more kids.
But I digress.

2, I have hoped for you and wanted you and loved you for every second of
your existence.  Don't ever, ever forget that.

No matter what else your life dished you out, that much has always been true.
 Not a single part of your body or feature on your face or hair on your head resembles me.  
Physically, you are a Munson and a Brown through and through. And that is great!


I have always recognized myself in you.
In your spirit, and in your heart.
And that is awesome.

I look into your eyes and no matter that we don't resemble each other physically,
we resemble each other in every other way possible.

Except you are so much better.
 Happy Birthday little Miss.

I love you so much.
You have made me so happy.
I'm so grateful to be your Mom.


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