Thursday, October 24, 2013

School Pictures 2013! Sort Of.

I haven't done actual school pictures in years.

I'm much fancier than that.

I just have my yearly family photo photographer snap a quick headshot of each kid.

And the actual reason I do this?
Because I'm cheap.

 Also, I do have some crazy beautiful head shots of Miss, The Other Twin, and Bob.
But it's kind of dumb to put them on here when I have to block their face out.

Soon, hopefully.
 Also, A would have nothing to do with pictures.
Also, he has a snaggle tooth in the front from when he fell and had to get stitches.
Also, that stinking tooth was front and center in every headshot taken of A.
Also, I was so ticked thinking I would have to have another photo taken, until I found this candid and cropped him.  Wala.

Like I said.  I'm fancy.
And B?  He would have posed all day.
He is gracious like that.

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