Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Suave Turns Two.

Oh B:

I'm so excited that you are two!


Even though when I got you I was slightly irritated at your Birthday.
October 29th.

First of all, I have a hard time remembering birthdays in the 20's.
Second of all, I knew we were destined for years of themed Halloween parties.

But, I recovered.
And now I am thrilled that your birthday is October 29th.
Because that is the day you were born.

And the day YOU were born is a gift no matter where it falls!

B, I love you so much!
I want so much for you.

I want you to be strong, and a leader.
Kind, and a lover.
Peaceful, and a peacekeeper.
Funny and compassionate and handsome and witty and athletic.

All those things and so much more.

But really?

All I want for you is to be happy.
And to know how much you are loved and wanted.
On your birthday and always.

Happy Birthday Baby B!

Love Forever,

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