Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dreamy And The Best Friend.

It has been said that all you need is that one awesome friend.
It's totally true.

When the school year started, I kept hearing the name D.
"D this, and D that" 3 would tell me.
"Can I go to D's house after school?"
"D and I want to do such and such."

I was so happy that she had found an awesome friend,
but I kind of kept putting her off so I could do my parental due diligence
and check this D and her parents out.

And also let them check me out.  I mean, bring it on.

So a few days went by and 3 had been peppering me with D requests.
And one day I was getting my hair done by Mrs. Officer, who I have known and loved for
ten years and would trust her with anything I love, and she casually says: "Oh!  I forgot to tell you!
I saw 3 and D on Instagram and I grew up with D's mom in California and she is awesome
and her family is spectacular and oh yeah I told her you guys were stellar too."

And just like that, parental due diligence done.

And 3 and D have been glued at the hips.
And me and D's mom were laughing our heads off the other day
because we were both waiting on the same thing in order to let them be glued
at the hips and a mutual friend saved us all the time and worry.

Oh, and if you think this post means I'm a helicopter parent, think again.
My kids are expected to run their own lives, down to the last detail.

But who they spend all of their time with and who is influencing them?
That, I will be involved in completely.

That's my job.

Homework? Grades? Etc?  Their job.

Just to be clear.

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