Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dreamy, Sparkles, and The Date.

 So I took 3 and 4 on a date over Fall Break.

It was really 4's turn.  But we took 3 along at the last minute.
 I have made plenty of mistakes as a parent.

I'm kind of too hard on them. (my darling children)
I expect so much of them.
I get really mad when they don't meet their potential in everything they do.
And I expect them to speak proper grammar always.

But I am also their biggest cheerleader
and the first to defend them against the World
and the one who endlessly prays for them
and serves them and teaches them
and invests every amount of emotion and energy I have in them
and the one single person on Earth
who will love them more than anyone else
every single minute of their lives no matter what.

So, I really really hope in the long run they will
forgive me my mistakes just like I did with my own Mother.


 I take them on dates.
And that is no mistake.
 These priceless dates are worth every single penny of the
fifty plus dollars I spent on 2 3" elephants and a coke can piggy bank that day.

It was priceless, precious time with Dreamy and Sparkles.

And easily the best un-mistake I made last month.
Dear 1 and 2:
I have lots of regrets over the mistakes I made raising you both, 
now that you are grown-up ladies.
But the one thing I have never and will 
never, ever, regret is every single date I took each of you on.

Remember those times?  
I do.

Most precious times of my life.

Love you both so much,

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