Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sparkles Lately.

So the stories of 4's various activities has been told far and wide.
She isn't satisfied with just one thing.
She must try everything.

And I think she has.

This year?
Musical Theatre.

She scored the role of Snow White in the full-length play they will present in the Spring.
She also scored a duet to "My Philosophy" from "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown"
with the unbelievably cute girl shown here.

4 is Charlie Brown.
In case you couldn't tell.

It was kind of coveted to get a duet.

They went to a ginormous competition recently held at the gigantic Mesa Arts Center.
The awards were First Place, High First Place, and overall winner.

I'm gathering there were several of the first two, because heaven forbid only the
best numbers actually win.  Heaven forbid the little Angels get their feelings hurt
and have to actually learn  how to grow and cope and overcome.  We wouldn't want that or anything.

But I digress.

They scored a High First Place!

It was a good day.

Dear 4:
There are probably some woodworking classes
we could find somewhere.
Because I think you have
participated in everything else known to man.

Love you forever,

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