Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I'm Thankful for him.

Dear Hughes:
I am a giant pain in the behind, I know.
Totally Type A.
Completely organized to the point of ridiculousness.
I just put the Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving
which was kind of one of your deal-breakers when finding a wife.
And I only got one eye-roll and then you set up both trees, fixed
my lights when they shorted out, and even helped me put the ribbon around the tall tree
because you didn't want me up high on the ladder.

Hughes, I know I have my meltdowns, trying to get everything
done in a day and keep everyones schedules on track and
the laundry done and the house clean and basically
just keep everyone alive.

That is the main one.

Anyways, meldowns.  I know I have them.
And you are always there for me.
Always patient.
So patient.

Thank you so much for that, 
and for everything.

Love Forever,

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