Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas! 2013 With Narration. By Me.

 Oh my gosh there are so many cute, awesome, sure to make Christmas 10 times more magical, advent calendar ideas on Pinterest.  I looked at every one.  Then I put up our Snowman that we have had for years.
It was very satisfying.
 Since we bought The Farm in June, I have drooled over this Christmas tree.....
9.5 feet of perfection.
So I bought it.
It has pretty much made all of my dreams come true.

 3 gets to do whatever she wants with the entry way credenza every year.
She pretty much nailed it.

 My girls make major fun of me for my collection of ceramic Santas.
I don't care!
They create Christmas nostalgia for me more than any other decoration.
Santa is pretty much the man of my dreams.

I mostly document our decor so we will all remember what Christmas 2013
looked like, when we are looking at our 2013 book.

Also, its very helpful when decorating the next year.
You know, so I don't have to think or anything.

Merry Christmas!

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