Friday, December 13, 2013

Dashing Turns Three.

 Mr. Dashing turns three today.

Three years ago, on December 16th, my journey
as a Mom of boys began.

I was ready.

It started with Dashing, then we added Suave, and finally Hunky. (aka twin B)
And sometimes I want to hide in the garage from the three of them.
But mostly?
Mostly I am dazzled by them.
And so excited that I am their Mom.

Dear A:
You were the start of the change of heart in me I never thought I wanted.
And it has been the best thing in the world.
I can't imagine living one second in a World where
you are not my boy.  
You have always been my boy.

Love you so much!

Happy Birthday A.
Have the best day ever.


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