Friday, January 3, 2014

Daisy's Adoption and Sealing Day.....In Pictures. December 19th and 28th, 2013

Dear Miss Daisy,

Well, here they are.
The two biggest days of your life so far.
Except being born, of course!

Daisy, even though we knew so long ago
that we would adopt you, the excitement
that day was palpable in the air!!

You had taken me shopping especially to
pick out your special dress (and matching shoes of course).

You had planned your headband.
Also, you are my only little girl who NEVER fights me about tights.
Thank you so much for that.

You looked perfect.
And even though you keep your emotions in check most of the time...
the happiness and relief on your face was obvious.
And it broke my heart that you were ever worried.
But I knew that you had watched two little boys go through
this and I know that deep in your heart you worried that it would never be your turn.
I promised you it would be, and see?
I was right.

And the day you were sealed!
What a glorious day!
You were radiant in your little white dress.
And maybe it was okay that it took so long....
because I know that you will remember being in the temple
with your family surrounding you always.

Always remember how that felt!
Remember that and choosing the right will always be easier.

And now, according to you, "You will get to be here Forever."

You definitely will!

There is a quote floating around the internet where someone said;
"Two of my four kids are adopted.  I forget which two."

Daisy.  You need to know this is how I feel about you.
About all of you.

I don't care where everyone's ancestors came from.
We are all Americans.

And regardless of whether my kids look like me or not, my heart
has no idea which ones are adopted.

Don't ever EVER forget that.
You are my girl.
You have always been my girl.

Love Forever,

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