Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dear Miss Daisy, 12/19/2013 - Your Adoption Day!

 Dear Miss Daisy:

It happened.
It finally happened.
We got you at 2 a.m. on 12/23/2010, just a few days before the picture above.
We adopted you at 9:30 am on 12/19/2013.
Three years later!
Unheard of, even in CPS.
You were the longest open case of your judge AND your caseworker.
So many twists and turns!
But you?  Heavenly Father was always on your side, don't worry.
Your birth mom truly loves you Daisy....always know that.  She truly, truly does.
But there is just no way she could have ever taken care of you.

And so here you are.
And here we are.

Daisy, you have been our precious girl from the moment I unbuckled
you out of CPS's car that December 23rd.
I will never, ever, ever forget lifting your hair out of your face
and looking into your stunning, almost black eyes.

You looked back at me and it seemed you were pleading with me, "Love me!  Please, love me!"
And I did.  

And when Daddy saw you?
Well, that's all she wrote because he was done for.
You are Daddy's little girl and you always will be, that's for sure.

Daisy, after 4 daughters, I sure didn't plan on another.
But didn't I tell you?  Heavenly Father is in charge.
He sure is!
He knew you needed us but we needed you more.
Every single person who has ever met you loves you instantly.  Truth.

Now, for your name.
I wanted to name you something ultra-boyish, like your sisters.
We even called you Weston for awhile.

But then Daddy said, "let's let her help pick her name!" we did.

We gave you some options:

We talked about them all for several days.
But every time we asked you there was no hesitation, ever.

You said your name was Daisy.
So we believed you!

Always be a good big sister Daisy,
be a good example to your little brothers and even your big sisters!
Always know you are in the exact right family.
Always know that you are a Daughter of your Heavenly Father and
He loves you so much and all you have to do is ask Him to bless you
and help you and He will!
Always know that we have loved you hard for every second you have
been here, and we will love you hard forever, no matter what.

Your family loves you.
Your Mommy loves you.
You are everything to us!

Don't ever forget.....
Love Forever,

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