Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Most Unplanned Scary Perfect Thing That Ever Happened To Us.

So does anyone remember why we decided to do Foster Care?
Besides serving sweet children and our Heavenly Father of course.

It was to add boys to our family.
Because we had girls.
Four girls.
But that is a story for another day.

Anyways....we started off our little Foster journey coded only to take boys.
Until that fateful December 24, 2010, when we were coerced, in the middle of the night,
to take Miss 5, even though we swore we wouldn't take girls.

And we all know how that story ended. 
 She is our Princess and the delight of our entire family
and I couldn't even breathe without her.  

So they snuck one in on us, fine.

Time goes on, and we get our boys.
Three perfect, smart, ridiculously handsome, popular, athletic, awesome boys.

(on a sidenote:  we have an adoption date for Twin B!!!!!!!)

So fast forward to last November, Hughes and I are feeling all perfect and smug
about our family....Five girls and three boys.  Pretty much exactly as planned!

Except for the fifth girl, but see above.

We declare ourselves done having kids.
We feel very superior.

Then, the phone rings.  

It's CPS.

Miss 5's birth mom has had another baby.


Do we want her?  She will go straight to adoption.
We have first choice because we have her sibling.

Do we want her?


And all of a sudden we aren't feeling so superior.

But of course we want her.

Miss 5 is our daughter.
And this is her sister.

So of course we want her.

And if you are counting, that is SIX girls

Six girls.


And three boys.

So if you ever think that you are in charge of your life, think again.
Because you never are.
And usually it's for the best.

Dear Baby Perfect:
How do I even start?  The moment we picked you up, the truth that you are our
daughter shot through both Daddy and me.

We knew.

You are the most perfect thing that I think has ever happened to us.
To our entire family.

You are so loved.
You are so tiny 
(rocking the 3rd percentile all around)
You are so smart.
You are so alert.
You slept through the night at 2 months old.
You have been laughing for weeks.
No one has ever been dressed better.
Or shopped for more.

None of us has ever loved anything harder.

Even 4.

Thank you for proving us so wrong.
Because we have always wanted you.
And we have always loved you.

I promise.

Love Forever,

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