Tuesday, April 1, 2014

So, Some Stuff Has Happened Since We Last Spoke. With Commentary. By Me.

 Three ridiculously good-looking little boys on a bench rocking their birthday shirts from
Elder Grandpa and Sister Grandma.
Any guesses where they are serving?
 The first day of 2014 of letting loose in the irrigation.
Life is good people.

 What you look like when you go to your 5-year-old check-up and your Mother
has been telling you ALL. DAY. that you are getting your Kindergarten
shots so you can go to Kindergarten.  So you are trying to be brave and good because you REALLY
want to go to Kindergarten.  And the nurse comes in and you take a giant breath and close your eyes......
and she says that you already got all your shots last year.

And your Mother feels terrible for all the mental abuse she subjected you too.
 Did I or did I not say that he is the best ever?
Was I or was I not right?
 Does this awesomeness really need any explanation?

 What you look like when you are waiting to start an outdoor practice
and so you and all of your ridiculously pretty teammates decide to sit in a 
tree and look like models.
 That one time when Hughes and I put all the toddlers down for a nap and snuck
out of the house for a lunch date to Florendino's.  
Without telling 3 and 4.
They were SO ticked.
It was awesome.
 So this happened.
 To her.
 5 shots of lidocaine and 7 stitches later.
My baby!
 So this is my beautiful son A.
A fell down and knocked his front tooth back about a year ago.
It turned grayish but stayed in.
We hoped so hard that it would stay put.
It didn't.
Now he is going to be toothless for 3ish years.
Mommy cried for about 48 minutes.
The End.
 On the way to a Volleyball tournament.
Serious headband.
Serious mascara.
Serious gamer.
 The best part of my life.
How we felt after the first annual General Women's Meeting
of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
The three of us attended together.


It was amazing to hear the inspired words and
know that my daughters will be blessed by this Meeting for their entire lives.

To know that Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to be happy
and remember that we are His precious, precious daughters.

We had 1 and 2 in our hearts the entire time.
We can't wait to go all together.
We can't wait till next time.
It was the best girls night in the history of the World.

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