Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It All Comes Together.

As documented earlier, 3 switched to a much larger, more well-respected club this year.

It was a little scary.
At least for me.

Tryouts went well.
Better than well, actually, because 3 made the 1's (or BEST)
14's team.

I had no idea how she stacked up against the other girls on her team.
Turns out she stacked up pretty well.

She is a setter, and she never comes out of the game.
Not for one single rotation.

It's fun, not gonna lie.
 So fast forward, and we have had some pretty good results....
we have been ranked somewhere in the top 20 of 155ish teams
in our Division all year.

Pretty good, right?

BUT...for some reason, our girls just could never pull out
a nail-biter.  They would be doing great, but if they got behind they
kind of fell apart and lost.

Still...Top 20 out of 155 teams.
We were killing it!

It's just that we never took first.
 Till last Saturday!!

They pulled out not one, but TWO nail-biters.
They got behind, but they stuck it out.




So cool.
 We went into that tourney 19th, and will go into Regionals ranked
14th out of 155ish teams.

So Awesome!!
(Our after the tournament try at an in-the-air shot.  This is the best I got.)

Dear 3:
It just never gets old.

Watching you work hard and play hard and dominate.

You are fast and awesome and accurate.
Your jump serve is coming along and
your outside hitting is ridiculous.

And those two hard blocks you got Saturday?
Against girls seven inches taller than you?
(especially the looks on their faces knowing they just got beat by a 5'3" setter)

You are so good.
I love you so much!


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